June 19, 2009

This is why they are the Nationals

-Their top selling jersey is Ryan Zimmerman

-Recent Washington Times headline "Nationals discover a new way to lose"

-So far this season their longest winning streak is 3 games

-They cannot spell their own name.

-They were unable to sign their first pick in last year's draft

-Despite posting a .257 carreer batting average, Tim Wallach is the franchise's all time hits leader.

-The most wins any current Nats pitcher has with the franchise is 15 by John Lannan. Joel Hanrahhan has the most saves with 14.

-Their only retired number is Jackie Robinson. 8, 10 and 30 were retired by the Expos (for Gary Carter, Rusty Staub/Andre Dawson, and Tim Raines respectively) but the Nationals returned all three into circulation.

-One of their premier food stands is called "Hard Times Cafe"

-Since the strike in 1994, they have finished above 4th place in the division only twice. That year, they were in first when the season was cancelled. Had they won, it would still be their only divison crown since the team's creation in 1969.

-The last time they made the playoffs, Reagan had recently been elected to his first term (1981). They finished second in the division only after a player's strike cut the season short by 54 games, thus preserving the then-Expos' majestic 60-48 record. It is the franchise's only playoff appearance to date.


Anonymous said...

shame when you consider at one time the team had future hall of famers like randy johnson, pedro, vlad, larry walker, and moises alou.

Anonymous said...

the natinals kid!

The Hebrew Hammer said...

who the fuck wrote that first comment? alberga again?

chocolate said...

this is doo-doo baby!!

qualitypoop said...

today's headline "Welcome to the Bungle"