March 10, 2009

Is it Bad...?

- if you feel up meg tighe and don't remember it

- if you call someone a dipaolo while dipaolo is right behind you

- if you say "nigga" (without the "er") in front of a black acquaintance

- if wendy has to help you

- if we bukakke wendy

- if nick d. is your surgeon

- if a girl farts

- if you got some siblings

- if coach carter makes out with tren pak in the auditorium

- if you whet wee in public

- if the menu you're reading says "No MSG upon request"

- if you're under 30 and have just a mustache

- if you get a tiny bit of poop on your underwear

- if you eat meat and dairy together

- if i've pooped every color except blue/violet

- if you want neri's "D" in or around your mouth

- if you're an avid fan of Dave Matchoos Baynd

- if you end up in the tombs for selling bags of sugar (or PCP)

- if your roommate confuses your drunken stupor with an attempt to choke him

- if you don't shave, wear no shirt, prevent forest fires, and scratch your hairy tummy while grunting Bruce Springsteen lyrics

- if you hit a ball signed by Babe Ruth into the clutches of a beast

- if A-Rod's urine has more steroids in it than it does urine

- if A-Rod's face continues to look the way it does

- if Bean asks to take a sip of your beverage

- if Yo Yo Ma is your opponent

- if josh kneer drinks his own pee

- if you fall for the banana in your tailpipe

- if you watch more than 15 spins on meatspin

- if you are one of the Lawrence brothers

- if you forget who sings "Come on Eileen"...
... actually, no. that's not bad. but if you think The Cure sings "Come on Eileen," well... it's not good.


Anonymous said...

....its not good...quality post btw

qualitypoop said...

i can't believe that chick got so pissed off...who fuckin gives a shit about 'come on eileen' anyway

Outraged UNC Female said...

i was drunk and on the verge of doming you until you opened your stupid mouth.

It'sBonkaz said...

drunken stupors

Don Popolio said...

is it bad if you pee in a girl?