November 8, 2008

Presidential Rhetoric

If we learn nothing else from the recent election, let us learn the value of an inspiring speech. Yes, the country was fed up with eight years under the Bush regime. Yes, Obama's policies are more promising than McCain's. But, really, what it comes down to is this: there is going to be a Neeg in the White House come January, and the primary reason is that he could get peeps fired up.

This brought to mind another presidential election that took place roughly four years ago in which one of the candidates won solely on the grounds that he was able to rouse the crowd with a meaningless, under-prepared speech. To be fair, though, he was running against Greg Falco. Here it is...

Other notable student speeches:
- Juan's "Number of times..." Speech
- Kamer's "Forget about game" Speech
- Arpon's Student Council Speech (what was it about again? i just remember it being good)
- Olmetti's "Recess-Braveheart" Speech
- Dave Bazzano's "There's an alligator in my pants" Speech
- Jackie Pizzimenti's "Video Killed the Radio Star" Speech
- Plichta's "I'm not gonna promise you pizza parties and ice cream" Speech[es] (there might have been more than one... do any of you remember these? They were painful to sit through)
- Danny O'Shea's "One Time" Speech
- Mike Choi's "I really don't have a speech" Speech (my personal favorite)
- and of course... Kratschmer's "I eat the crusts first" Speech


The Hebrew Hammer said...

Arpon's speech involved the entirety of Somers High School thinking he came out of the closet when he mumbled the shit out the phrase "I'm game."

jackie pizz's video said...

i am the one thing that could have led to jackie pizz losing that election by even more.

in addition said...

video killed the radio star

It'sBonkaz said...

i don't know if your quarter rican-ness allows you to publish 'neeg' on the world wide web*.

*world wide web copyrighted by Al Gore circa 1984. All violations of the use of the world wide web will result in the wrath of man/bear/pig.

thespicyspaniard said...

video killed that radio star - that's it. i couldn't remember what she said that was so funny... i'm editting the post.

qualitypoop said...

i just remembered how she admitted on stage that she was uglier than Tala making her completely unelectable.

phils stalker said...

id also like to mention phils graduation speech man i wanted to mount him right then and there.... i think he played freshman football too

phil's 2nd stalker said...

yea...i'd like to play with his winter balls

Rob A said...

I would really like to fuck Kamer