August 2, 2008

Remembering the Hometown

In the time before Facebook, even before Bonsai, there was the AOL Hometown page. Many of these aren't what they used to be, but they're still worth a look.








Nov 1

Nov 2

So there you have it: more evidence that we're big losers...

...especially Novosel.


thespicyspaniard said...

on page 2 of my site is a list of everything that was ever written on the pouch up until a certain point. if something you wrote is missing from the list, feel free to comment it here. also, i encourage all to take credit for their work.

qualitypoop said...

...julia had a poetry

qualitypoop said...

also kari's page is absolutely assaulting my chest, i think its the most brutal page on there

tim russert said...

this is killing my chest

noon said...

on a side note: why did so many moms like tim russert?

and this post makes me want to crawl back into the womb. damn you phil and your organizational skills.

dan rather said...

yeah...the womb where you should've been ABORTED.

Anonymous said...

That Barry quote on mine is still pretty beast. But for the most part I'm suffering from chest failure