July 15, 2008

Top 10 Hotties - SHS class of 2006

Nye Nye Dan Leyh


The Hebrew Hammer said...

Rossini went unnoticed late in high school because, well, she didn't go to our high school.

Other than that...I strongly disagree with the majority of this.

qualitypoop said...

ill back you on A-bon but very few others will. also, Pfinerijoer? are you fucking serious. she looks like disease.

It'sBonkaz said...

i also disagree with, well almost all of this (#1 in particular), but props nonetheless. Welcome to fucking bonsai

ryan howard said...

lynne bishop looks like a pale version of me with smaller tits.

and less K's

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Random just-remembered fact - in 7th grade, ABon and I "went out" for 3 days. That sadly is all that there is to that story. Also "went to the 8th grade dance" with Peters; we actually didn't see each other at the dance until the very end. Way to go, preteen goofy bastard.

Fina Fina Bunt Bunt said...

I have LOADS of problems with this list.

Notter is hands down #1.

Krebs doesn't even make the AA squad.

Rossini can not qualify, she was not in the SHS class of 2006.

Fun Fact: I dated 2 of the top 10.

Another Fun Fact: I hooked up with 4 of the top 10.

Best Fact: I'm the man.

rest of the population said...

#1: chill with notter
#2: Krebs and Rossini comments are valid
#3: You're a loser

Fina Fina Bunt Bunt said...

#4 Reveal yourself, pussy.

disappointed said...

deleted?! what the fuck, bean? stand behind your work and take the heat that comes with it.

way to go said...

also, you've given nov the privilege of not being the only douche to delete a post because he is worried about what people will think.

qualitypoop said...

yea, what the fuck bean?

Anonymous said...

put it back up pussy...or at least make a new list that leaves out diseases like pfifner and krebs.

what about hutch? what about horrisk? her tits should make it on this list...even as honorary mention. she was part of class of 2006 since she retired with us.

bisharat's gotten hotter and so has fraoli.