June 12, 2008

DeVitos, DiPaolos and Grandes, oh my!

Things we're not letting Noah talk about anymore:

  • Middleton, his baseball team, and his antics
  • The creation of the Heinzinger action figure
  • People from high school he's never going to talk to again, and coming to terms with it
  • Civil law with Mrs. Banino
  • People talking about his wang
  • Lori Ruth
  • Baseball Tonight
  • Todd Pratt and the jack he hit
  • His hatred of John Armato
  • Baseball Max ("sees fo sees")
  • Jose Reyes talking
  • The shit in his basement
  • His Subarus (Fred, Ethel, and the late Ginger)
  • Kamer driving home with "The Thing hands"
  • Trapasso, Walker, McDonnell, Dentato, Ullman
  • Bean's stepdad
  • Olmetti
  • Mark Bernier - is he a beast?
  • Handshakes
  • 7-Eleven runs
  • Block "riding a rickshaw"
  • Any member of the Rexhepi family

On a related note, I never want to hear Phil talk about Mark Korosi again.


qualitypoop said...

he should still be allowed to talk about steve phillips

concernrd citizin said...

so... what the hell is noah gonna talk about now?

qualitypoop said...

not his girlfriend apparently

thespicyspaniard said...

i don't talk about mark korosi THAT much. on an unrelated note, there's this black chick from new orleans who lived on my floor who had triple D bombs... and she wasn't fat!