March 13, 2008


These videos were dug up by Sanzillo and Suraci. All I have to say is that you should watch them in their entirety. Enjoy.

March 12, 2008

What I Must Look Like to Customs, Embassy, and Consulate Officials

After having been denied entry into two countries (and indirectly the rest of Europe) in the past week, I realized that carrying a Colombian passport makes one look a little like this:

I realize, of course, that this is no different than the way any of you see me.

March 2, 2008

There IS a clear #1

With the NFL draft around the corner and experts everywhere saying there is no clear cut number one I thought it would be a great opportunity to explore the less than stellar "possible number one overall" draft picks, and then give you the REAL clear cut number one.

I'll start with the most obvious.

Darren McFadden

I like calling him Darren McFaggot. Sure, he ran an official 4.33 40-yard dash time at the NFL combine, but McFaggot is more overrated than Ron Dayne was. His vision is adequate at best, and he has less patience waiting for a hole to open than Isiah Thomas at a Knicks press conference. His questionable off the field character is something a lot of teams aren't willing to risk, especially with Bill Belichick's lap dog, I mean Roger Goodell, as the commissioner of the NFL. PLUS, what are the chances of there being back to back drafts with OUTSTANDING rookie running backs. Adrian Peterson won the NFC rushing title as a rookie in the 2007 season, (Brandon Jacobs of the Super Bowl Champion Giants EASILY would have gotten it had he not missed four games) and I really can't see anyone being able to contain Peterson for an entire game. The guy is going to be one of the best RB's ever. My point here is, fuck McFaggot, he shouldn't be number one, running backs are a dime a dozen.

Glenn Dorsey

He's fat, he's fast and he played for LSU. Defense wins championships, 17-14, but you have got to PROTECT your quarterback. This is why Michigan stand out Jake Long or rising star from Boise State Ryan Clady have a better chance of going number 1 over all than Dorsey does. QB's put butts in seats, and fat ugly men are the one's who protect them.

Matt Ryan

A LOT of experts are predicting that Ryan goes number one overall. Sure, he is the best QB available and Miami really really really really really really really really needs a quarterback, but I mean COME ON. MATT RYAN! MATT FUCKING RYAN! Miami has a LONG way to go before they can start winning games, especially with Buffalo having a legit playoff shot in the 08-09 season, and with Parcells running the show for the fins I really don't see this happening.

Now, you might being saying, "WHO THE FUCK IS LEFT?" I'll tell you, and I guarantee he goes #1 overall. Born August 4th, 1961 Standing at 6 feet and one half inch From ILLINOIS I GIVE YOU...