February 14, 2008


Not to be confused with V-E Day when Germany, for the second straight world war, was castrated before the world (only to be outdone by the French who surrendered to the douches without a fight) nor with V-Day, the Vag Mo-Mo-Mo-Monologue inspired international movement against violence towards women (on a related note I met a chick last weekend who said completely seriously, "sometimes the guy just needs to hit the girl"). No... I'm talking about the real meaning of this day, the one that so many have forgotten...

So while others are eating their chocolate or condemning violence towards women, I'm going to be thinking about a special day when a special girl approached me at my locker and said, "Hey Phil, I got your carnation." And then Nick D. lost it.

To Phil's Second Stalker: Would you like to jingle my winter balls?
Love: Phil

There are so many more classics I want to write here, but I know I would forget some or misquote, so I'll leave those to all of you.


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theSQUIN said...

I would love to go back to senior year just for carnation day.

qualitypoop said...

we find you annoying.
to: steve smith
from: the world