January 16, 2008

This Week's Signs of the Apocalypse (Football Edition)

Another list of ridiculous sports facts and figures. Thank God for Wikipedia.

- Rockies first baseman Todd Helton was the Quarterback at the University of Tennessee before Peyton Manning.

- Wes Welker holds the NCAA record for punt returns for tds in a career with 8.

- Chad Johnson and TJ Houshmanzadeh were teammates at Oregon State.

- Jason Taylor was home-schooled sophomore through senior years in high school.

- Brian Griese is 19th on the all time NFL passer rating list.

- Jeff Feagles received both a free family vacation as well as a new outdoor BBQ addition to his house in exchange for the jersey numbers 10 and 17 from Eli Manning and Plaxico Burress.

- When he first came to Notre Dame, Lou Holtz took the names off of the player's jerseys. They have not been put on since.

- Kerry Collins is 17th on the NFL career passing yardage list in front of guys like Phil Simms, Troy Aikman, Steve Young and Terry Bradshaw.

- Jets QB Kellen Clemens' 60.9 passer rating is the 7th lowest in the league since 2000.

- Saints coach Sean Payton, Vikings coach Brad Childress, Broncos coach Mike Shanahan and Tony Romo all attended Eastern Illionois University.

- Since entering the NFL, Reggie Bush has the same number of touchdowns as fumbles (10).

- Kordell Stewart has 6 career punts.

- Boise State has a higher overall winning percentage than Penn State in football.

- Ladanian Tomlinson has a career completion percentage of 72.7 with 7 touchdown passes.

-Chad Pennington has the second highest career completion percentage in the history of the NFL.


qualitypoop said...

Jason Taylor was home-schooled? Does this mean that Sarah Birdsall is eventually gonna become a 6'6", 255lb D-End who could smile while eating a baby?

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Sarah Birdsall has a boyfriend. His name is Hector Matos and he is a college grad.

qualitypoop said...