January 28, 2008

Quick Facts About My Roommate

He is conservative, gamer/nerd, from Greenwich, Mediocrecut.

He raises his hand in class as if being called on depended on whether or not his fingertips break the sound barrier.

He wakes up at 6:45 for an 8:30 class.

He is an avid fan of show tunes, and especially loves Into the Woods. (Noonan went to prom with Ali Greenfield).

He has impeccable posture.

He has referred to rock music as “too much.”

He attended a boarding school where the post prom activity was going back to the cafeteria for milk and cookies.

He always makes his bed.

He is excited about the coming release of the Sex and the City movie.

He loves The Notebook.

His favorite Sonic character is Tails.


The Hebrew Hammer said...

Is he Asian and/or ginger? Because that would just put it over the top.

qualitypoop said...

he is whiter than an albino version of tony gwynn

The Hebrew Hammer said...

"Are you going out on a limb?"
"No, we're going to Out of the Woods!"

member of the audience said...

it's the laaaaaaaaaaasssssssssttttt midnight
bla bla blaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh bla bla
my body is huuuuuuuuuuuggggggggeee