October 16, 2007

Youtube Nation

Oh youtube, you slay me, you anger me, you give me an atomic wedgie...I AM A FAN OF THE YOUTUBE NATION (-steve O, snoop, myself and others)

Nice to know Somers is being represented right on youtube....by this kid. Hey who remembers THIS GUY? You hear these accents? If this kid's act was any worse, Carlos Mencia would be out of a job. I wish I could put his bj imitation on repeat and send it to the Daily Show for a moment of zen. Seriously, who are the adwizards who came up with this one?
-other results from typing in Somers-- Well, the infamous batman tape, endless lacrosse highlights (gay), and for some reason, a long list of Adam Bernier videos....for your sake Julia, these were not posted.

WARNING: This video may cause you to claw your ear drums out.
I used to think having the name I have was kind of cool. Fucking Caddyshack Man! But, then I met this kid, and never again will I be the same. I couldn't get through the whole video, I doubt many of you will. Sorry to waste your time. I did get to the part though where DN's friend points out that she is a woman. Good thing she did this, cause O boy if she didn't...
-other results searching my name--some mediocre snow boarder, some dude in a douchey band, and Daniel Radcliffe, man i fucking hate that kid.
...Searching other names? Well, there are many Juan Mendez'. Some guy who killed his wife and her mother, a canadian basketball player, a UN special advisor on genocide (hilarious vid), a creator of artsy videos. There weren't too many results with other names. Rob A's pistol pete and SPS videos, pretty funny stuff, and Arpon makes a cameo in The Goblin King. Man, am i bored.


Anonymous said...

i'd fuck Hermoine up the ass so hard, she wouldn't be able to cast spells for a week

qualitypoop said...

This is not ok:

The Hebrew Hammer said...

In the first minute of that video (thats as much as i could take), there was not one good form tackle. Also, Noonan, fuck you for making me watch that second video.

It'sBonkaz said...

I do what i can

concerned bonsain said...

this video was removed by the user..