October 29, 2007

Look- A -Likes (3rd Edition)

Because of the fact that I can't write creatively and I can't come up with an interesting article, I am back with yet another look alike post. Here it goes...

Former Denver Bronco Shannon Sharpe vs. The Denver Broncos Logo - I have always noticed that Sharpe looked like a horse, but then I realized that it is fitting that he played for the Broncos because he looks exactly like their symbol.

Arkansas Running Back Darren McFadden vs. Kanye West - They are both awesome black dudes.

Former Fox Football Host James Brown vs. Current Fox Football Host Kurt Menefee - They don;t exactly look that much alike, but they held the same position, and they are both large black men. Replacing one big black guy with a cool voice with another big black guy with a cool voice....nice move fox.

ESPN Sideline Reporter Erin Andrews vs. Jenna Jameson - She doesn't really look like Jenna Jameson, she just looks like any really hot blonde chick. Erin Andrews should cover every athletic event possible. A hilarious Erin Andrews pic.

This Kid from the newest Halloween movie vs. Spencer Dunn - Watching this movie all I could think about was how this kid reminded me of good ole spence dunn.

LSU Quarterback Matt Flynn vs. My Boy Tom Irving - This is completely random, but I feel its pretty close. I don't know how I came up with this one but the LSU QB definitely looks like one of my friends from Cortland.

Hines Ward vs. Mike (Jones) Arita - This one has been thrown around for a long time, and it still makes me laugh.

Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Mike Holmgren vs. The Cowardly Lion - Holmgren looks like an idiot and he, like his football team, is boring as shit.

Tom Green's Sidekick Glenn Humplik vs. Mike Newman - This isnt as true these days but a few years ago my brother looked exactly like Glenn Humplik.

Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow vs. Cortland Student Rick Perrone - Another random matchup of an SEC QB and a friend from Cortland.


The Hebrew Hammer said...

to be honest, i was confused by kurt menefee when i first saw him. i thought it was a different dude, but fox almost fooled me.

also, this is what has become of jenna jameson:

the seattle seahawks are the most boring, soulless, underachieving franchise in the history of the nfl. not to mention that they play in the state of washington.

mike newman is the king ginj.

matt newman has a look-alike addiction.

Shannon Sharpe said...

i agree wit dan's hypofuhsis - you got a problem matt.


qualitypoop said...

glenn humplick...wow