August 12, 2007


Nick D. was allowed to go to Bar/Bat Mitzvas in middle school.

Jared Smilowitz is a legitimate human being.

Dennis Sandberg has never gone on a PCP induced wolfman-like howling session on a rooftop.

Strange men do not hover about Van Tassel waiting for pick-up games to materialize.

This (left) is legitimate in every single way imaginable.

Spencer Dunn is completely heterosexual.

Malt Shop Memories is a terrible infomercial.

Jared Smilowitz has never been served.

Sandberg and Noonan have never gone over to Jackie Pizz's crib to "play duck hunt and Simpsons trivia."

Barry Bonds is a class act.


qualitypoop said...

notice the lack of females in that prom limo.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Every time I visit Bonsai Potato, I am embarrassed to have seen that picture.

Anonymous said...

Nicholas DeBellis has never been given Arabian goggles.

... said...

[veg face]

thespicyspaniard said...

wait... duck hunt and simpson's trivia at jackie pizz's actually happenned