November 16, 2006

Tomato, Tomahto (I realize it is spelled the same way)

With the upcoming Thanksgiving break, I felt the need to post something if fo no other reason than just to see if anyone still reads this.

By now, I’m sure everybody has fully realized the stark and persistent differences between High School and college. I mean, while one had its many chill nights at the 7-11 parking lot, the other has its perpetual drunkenness. Both were/are the shit, but clearly college is the only place where…

…you can feel like the man after having eaten leftover pizza crusts and Mountain Dew for breakfast on consecutive days.

…you actually give a shit as to whether you own t-shirts whose colors run in the washer.

…the possibility of having to wait for a shower to open up at 3 a.m. is all too conceivable.

…fire drills are no longer a Godsend.

…an estimated “50,000 to 70,000 people” can drunkenly stumble up and down a single Fuzz-infested street and communally agree to call it a party.

…Ramen can be referred to as superior cuisine.

…this can happen:

Once again, however, last year was fucking awesome. Seriously, High School is the only place where…

…the Ratch can break through the door to the sound of “Bring ‘em out, Bring ‘em out” …er “Bang ‘em out, Bang ‘em out.”

…little girl can be both a stupid, cum-hungry bitch who loves to dole out the dome, and an idol of promiscuity. Maybe the two are just the same.

…300 free beers are not enough.

…Ghostriding can go down in the school parking lot, during school hours.

Walker can continually, and effectively, torture Noah despite his massive wang.

…people can monitor and record the many exploits of one “Nov the fabfingerbanger.”

…Hutch throwdowns occur.

…watching Block dance is almost completely acceptable and maybe even expected.

…freefalling can be blasted and improvised over at any time or any occasion.

… Big Girl can literaly want some of Nick D.'s sausage. Not to metion the Ratch's , Sanzilo's, Winter's and Veg's, in that order.

… The 'Wich can be an endless source of entertainment.

…This can happen:

p.s. there needs to be a huge gathering of peeps over the break so we can all gwkc.

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