October 23, 2006

A Final Farewell to SHS "Research" Projects

since I failed to post anything on the bonsai throughout high school, despite being the third member of this respectable organization (I didn't want to disrupt the sanctity of the testosterone levels at this blog), I'm throwing this one up there...

October 10, 2006

Just Who Posseses History's Greatest 'Stache?

People's Dads and Other Loose Ends

For me the most underrated blogger was the 04-05 Mrs.-White-referencing sri sri rum n' curry. This blogger is indifferent about the 05-06 get-rich-or-die-trying sri sri rum n' curry.

Deepest, most thoroughly well thought out blog- "If I had Meeion Dollars"

I don't wanna continue ripping on people's parent/guardians, but I'd say Russ Dog is a much less qualified parent than either Kevin Federline or that lady who drowned her children so Satan wouldn't get them. Seriously, Russ Dog would be totally unfazed if Satan took Gordie.

While on the topic of people's parents... "juan, this is phil's dad writing to you. it's sat.,7/22/06 8:21 pm eastern time as i write this. my wife and i were just made aware of the joke you pulled on phil with that disgusting profile that you wrote. we are very,very upset. everybody likes to kid around but you went too far with this.please do whatever you have to do to get all of this stuff deleted IMMEDIATELY. we will be checking from time to time to see that it has been deleted. better yet,call us at home to tell us that the mission has been accomplished. we always liked you and your family and we are giving you the benefit of the doubt that you had a serious lack of judgement and that you're not a serial asshole.don't let us down! peace,kid."

During spirit week at Ossining High School, the boys track team dressed up as Bean on hero day. As a side note their team blows and not until next year will they actually have a track.

At a winter meet this past year, there was a black kid, who went to Lincoln I believe, on the same floor as us who was legitimately straight out of Africa. Seriously, this kid had the accent, the lung capacity, the AIDS, and the same wide eyed look of elation whenever food was referred to in plentiful quantities, that the average African has. Anyway, since this was a track meet, and since New Ro had both there girls and boys team present, there were a lot of black peeps present and inevitably a dance party broke out. These being Kate Cannon's pre-manly-haircut days, the aforementioned black peep was quite aroused by Somers' Most Improved Hottie and proceeded to grind up on that shit. This probably didn't need to be so long.

October 5, 2006

What went down.

that plus Ryan rockin out with his cock out. but everyone already knew that.