September 8, 2006

New Facebook, Fuck You

What's with this new facebook horsecrap? Do I really need to see the discomfortingly creepy pictures that Jon King (hairy) posted? Or that Kari and some guy named Henry Mayo-Malasky are now friends? Or that Phil pees sitting down, with his hands on his nipples? I think not. Seriously, fuck you facebook. Fuck you for doing this, and fuck you for making me care.


The Hebrew Hammer said...

i dont get it...
is jon kings idea to make his normally funny looking face look normal throught these pictures? for some other good ones, check out ethan's photobooth album.

killa kame said...

excellent point, camilo. i found out that chels and steve broke up through facebook. in the words of mr. cerchia, "that ain't right."