July 15, 2006

Random Thoughts

All classic tv shows sound ridiculous when dubbed in spanish. Trust me, if you thought you were missing out by never having witnessed the Adams Family, Gilligan's Island, or even Happy Days with gaudy Mexican accents, you're not. P.S. I'd slide Mrs. C

I saw a place that sold shish kabobs for 60 cents apiece. What awful mix of dog, horse, and hobbo meat did they blend with puke saturated sawdust to come up with such a cheap substance? Needless to say, I ate three and went back the next day.

Someone should really go down to crown trophy in Briarcliff and have a Most Improved Hottie trophy made so we can send it to Cannon down in Annapolis. While they're at it, they can also pick one up with a giant dick at the top for Noah. If he rejects it, I'm sure Dbon will find a use for it.

Perhaps the two greatest moments in this years world cup were the Zidane headbutt in the final, and Cannavaro getting hit in the nuts by a wayward lob.

¡MIKE JONES! Why hasn't his picture been sent to the Mike's hard company yet?

How long is that Lionel Richie/Bean poll going to be up? I propose a new poll: Who is the bigger creep, Phil for his obvious and unhealthy obsession with little children, or that kid Elliot in D-Mitch's posse? By the way check out www.myspace.com/penisintolittlekids.

Question for Nick D. If you could choose between T-Fresh or taking a dump and going to sleep, how long would you mull it over before heading to the bathroom?

N.A.R.B.s: an unwanted inconveniece, OR an unexpected opportunity for a good time?

I think I speak for everyone when I say that Phil's speech, took Kratschmer's, bent it over and thrusted with about 10,000,000 Newtons of force, but only after having given the latter a series of jelly dougnuts which rendered it prime for the donkey punch which occured shortly after the aforementioned science experiment. Phil's speech then slipped Kratschmer's a 10 and kicked the cliche of a town bicycle out of his house.


theSQUIN said...

we really need to finish our time left here with some strong bonsais..this is a good beginning

Aaaalrightythen said...

T-fresh...no brainer

fabfingerbanger said...


The Hebrew Hammer said...

whats the deal with all new movies making myspace accounts instead of actual websites now? if youre going to spend 10 million dollars making a movie and bring in 100 million from theaters, do those few hundred bucks really matter that much?

Anonymous said...

this blog is priceless entertainment.... is it too early to crack a Mike's while I'm reading?