April 1, 2006

More Like "OurSpace"

Everyone knows that myspace is the cool new thing to do. To talk to friends, look for famous people and look for people you used to know. Since the day I found out about myspace I began searching through this rediculous site looking for those people that we have all asked "Whatever happened to that kid". I think I was so interested in finding these people because I have questions that I want answered like, "Does Marvia Oates still dominate kickball?", "Did Paul Cody's mom ever come back?" and "Is will Devito stilla Tuppa?" I have always been interested in seeing what people that used to go to our school now look like. It took me some time but I think its worth it. Here is my list of some of the rediculous characters that once walked the halls of Primrose, SIS and SMS that we may have forgotten over the years.

- Paul Cody - Paul Cody was one of those guys back in SIS and Middle School that you always felt like he was going to grow up and be an absolute wacko for the rest of his life. I mainly remember Paul for when in Middle school he would always be the one to grab the ball bag before we went out to recess. Because he was the one to grab the bag first, he felt as if he was the one that would dole out the balls, he was such a tool. By looking at his myspace two tings that stand out are the fact that he lives nearby in Pawling and he is bisexual. One thing that doesn't surprise me, he has very few friends. All that I can say is that if he was in our school now, he would get into many fights, and probably get his ass handed to him.

- Dan O'Connel - Danny O'C, as he is now called. Not much to say bout him because many people still see and know him. He is a baller and a traitor because he plays for JFK. Danny was famous back in the day for giving people "flat tires" in the halls and for "taking people to school", the move where you tap a person on the shoulder and act like it wasn't you that did it. Unfortunately if you are not his friend you can't see his profile.

- Dawn Rigonia - Many people don't remeber much about her because she left and went to mahopac in like 4th grade. The only thing I remeber was that she smelt of smoke and her mom worked at the A&P. I guess she belongs in Mahopac.

- Rebecca Smith - Rebecca, the sisiter of Will Smith (Floor Hockey World Champ) was a girl none of us will ever forget. She seemed like a very nice girl, but she was often a nasty person. These days she apparently goes to Fox Lane High School and is good friends with the girlfriend of Will Smith.(I suggest you check out the pics) She know looks more normal than she used to but she still seems like the same person.

- Kristen Martin - Kristen was a girl that almost nobody really remembers because she was only here for a few years in the Middle School. She was a very quiet red headed girl that I don't really have any strong memories about. When you see her pics you will probably remember who she is. She now lives in Canada and is till friends with some girls in our grade.

- Nina Percopo - From day 1 I think that everyone knew that there was something up with this girl. After going to Somers for many years she finally dropped out and went to a private school in another state, even though she lives in Somers. Her myspace pretty much explains what the situation is with her. Wow.

- Will Devito - He was a Tuppa then..... and he is a Tuppa now. Will was a guy who always tried to play spots but never had an ounce of athleticism in his body. I think he still lives in somers but goes to the Iona Prep school for kids who want to be guidos. His myspace is basically a message to everyone from him saying that he is a pimp and he could beat everyone up. Come on Will....lets get serious.

- Marvia Oates - Clearly the most unforgettable person in the history of people that used to go to Somers. Oates was a better kickballer, shot put thrower, soccer player and competitive eater than any of the guys in our school, and we all knew it. Being in her class for a few years 2 moments stick out when I think about Mavia Oates. One was during field day in SIS, when she won the girls shotput competion by alot, but we came to realize that she had also beaten all of the boys numbers too! The other memory also had to do with Field Day(which was the shit by the way). Marvia for 3 years in a row was the anchor for her classes tug of war team. The loop at the end of the rope, that the teams biggest and strongest person would go into and serve as an anchor, was always manned by a boy. This was the first and only time I had seen a girl holding down the anchor for her team. Oh and by the way.... She is Bisexual.

- Lindsay Bello - She now attends JFK with Danny O'C.......and Mike Wynne for those that know him(He Hits Bombs!) She looks pretty much the same except she is about 30 shades darker. If you are not her friend on myspace then you cant see her profile.

- Suzanne Masser - Her profile does not have any pictures and looks like it is barely used but I am pretty sure it is hers because I remember her moving to Japan. If you don't remeber her you should probably check the yearbooks. She was very smart and kind of a tuppa. The one memory I had of her was that she moved to Japan days before I think the beginning of 6th grade? and the school didn't even know she was gone because she was on every attendance sheet and people mentioned her name all year, lets just say she had a lot of absenses.

- Brittany Cohn - Brittany Cohn was a girl that everyone probably remembers because she was here for a number of years. She now lives in New Jersey and is still friends with people in our grade. Judging by her pictures she is crazy. Thats about all that I remember.

- Rafael Kobyashi - This was a kid that was clearly unusual and very unique to Somers. Although he was only here for a few years in Middle School, he left his mark. 2 things I remember most about Kobyashi were that he always ate sea weed for lunch and that the first few weeks he was in school he wanted to be called "Joe"......Kind of odd. Judging by his myspace he looks pretty much the same, and for some reason he is still friends with Will Smith.

- Adam Wamsley - I think his profile is deleted but when I saw it said he lives in North Carolina and he has a hot girlfriend. All that I can remember about Wamsley was that he was not afraid to say what was on his mind and that I did not want to fuck with him because I feared he would pull a knife on me or something.

This is my list, and for right now this is the best I could do. If you were wondering where certain people were, the chances are that I tried to find them but had no luck. I still can't find Kirsten Quinn, DAMN! If you have any suggestions of people I could look for you can post them as a comment on this article. Thank you for your time.


Fina Fina Bunt Bunt said...

this is great...i was hoping for keristen quinn, i woul dhave totally jerked off to her pictures she was so god damn hot. why the fuck did that kristen martin chick have to move away? even tho she is a ginger ide still get with her, and did anyone check out how thin marvia is?

ethan k said...

what i wanna know is, whatever became of mike reilly? man that kid sucked.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

id like to point out that marvia claims to be 23 years old. also, i found daniella dreeland today. she goes to hen hud and her brother graduated with jared.

Anonymous said...

what about shelbi, shannon hayes