April 4, 2006

How Will Somers Lingo Fare?

As I am sure everybody is aware, there are quite a number of words/expressions/senseless noises that have become commonplace here in Somers. After all, making up words has been a Somers pastime ever since the days of 'qual' back in middle school. But how will these sayings survive next year when everyone is spread out over the country? Well, one can always guess.

Sketch- Not very unique to Somers, but elsewhere people might still wonder why we dropped the 'y.'

Kid- "Kid," which is really more of a tick, has ingrained itself into people's vocabulary much like the word "like" has found a fortress in Lauren Sysca's manner of speaking.

Nas (Vooch)- Will this ever die? Nas, kid.

"Thats Dick!"- Personally, I would be very dissapointed were this phrase to ever die out because honestly, there are few things quite as funny as hearing a flurry of "thats dick!" after anything is written on the lunch table. Just by the way, can we get a copy of the list of girls Nov has fingerbanged posted on this site. A table is much too temporary.

Waeo!- Mainly just trackie noise, it is very versatile but only stands a chance among a crowd of people who already use it.

Straight- This could be smothered by piece-of-crap, ultra-sensitive douchebags who claim it could be offensive to refer to good stuff with the same word which is commonly used to describe heterosexual people. My message to them: Fuck off.

Mike J's oooooooh noise- In 2026 during our twentieth high school reunion, when I ask Mike J. if he still gets trashed, there is only one noise I want to hear.

Beasts/Queers- These may also be purely trackie terms, for whether someone is good or not and while beast could live on without a problem the aforementioned douchebags(plus the rest of society) would probably object to kids who flat out suck at something being called queers. Oh well,its had a good run.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!- Unlikely to fade as it is possibly the most fun thing to say while wrecked. This is undoubtedly the reason why Miller uses it so often.

Cheo!- It's hard to tell whether this noise will last or not. While it could be easily embraced by a partying crowd, others may respond with comments like "Is he saying chill?" "No, I think he's telling us to chew."


"The Shocker" said...

A solid post, I may even go as far as to call it beast. Few have picked up that loud, repetitive "CHEOOOOO"s may be easily mistaken for "JEWWWWWW"s, especially if dropped at a Bar Mitzvah or in Tel Aviv... so consider yourselves warned. On a sidenote, my father dropped a "thats dick" to Arita and myself last night when we "b-d" out in a rush. I am still a bit troubled by this.

ethan k said...

i have a feeling that somers lingo will spread "like wildfire" when it hits the dorms and classrooms of higher-learning institutions all across the world. it may be tough, though, to explain yourself after the first "cheeoooooooo" of the semester gets dropped.