January 16, 2006

Miller's Dealing

Below is a collection of Miller quotes that merely allude to the possibility that he deals. Miller claims he would sue anyone for $10 million if there is anything blasphemous about him on the World Wide Web, but these are simply direct yet sketchy quotes.

  1. "I don't need to go to school to make money...actually I'd make more money if I didn't go to school" (First day of Public Affairs)
  2. "My favorite student is Stephanie Madonia.......I had her cell phone number" (Still the first day)
  3. "I let Madonia come in here late, as long as she brings me coffee." Miller's coffee always smells nothing like coffee. (first day)
  4. He got a very sketchy phone call in the middle of class, which he first refused to pick it up. When he eventually did pick up the phone, he just said "I'll drop it off later" (and still the first day)
  5. "I have guns"
  6. "I have a direct connection with the president of Afghanistan." The Islamic State of Afghanistan produces 70% of the world's opium, and is one of the biggest morphine bases and cannabis manufacturer/trafficker.
  7. He claims he got shot in Vietnam twice, but described three gun shot wounds at a later date. Furthermore, he said he got stabbed in Vietnam...but who gets stabbed in Vietnam??
  8. He's very proud of the "network" he holds and says that's "how I operate and get by"
  9. Once, he went to the cafeteria to find out who does drugs and thought it was "really cool"
  10. "Tobacco is the hardest drug to give up--not heroine, cocaine, crack, marijuana--nothing is as hard as that"
  11. "My great American hero...John Gotti Jr."
  12. "It gives me all the drugs I want."
  13. "If you want to make money...sell drugs."
  14. "Drugs........I LOVE IT"
  15. "Drugs....they're great"
  16. "In Rhode Island, I saw the most beautiful paraphernalia ever.....oh it was beautiful."
  17. "If you're poor, all you could do is get stoned."
  18. "If you need a fake ID, talk to a prostitute."
  19. "You guys are felons.......five years"


The Hebrew Hammer said...

March, 14, 2006 (5th Period) - Miller preaches to us about the virtues of cocaine use and addiction, saying that coke addicts never committ crimes and that coke helps you to lose weight and just generally relax.

"The Shocker" said...

Miller claimed that the ferries crossing the great lakes travel at 90 miles per hour. I still have trouble understanding how a ferry pasenger could feel as if he or she were moving at 90 miles per hour without the aide or a foreign substance in their system.