June 3, 2005

Coach D The Movie

In case you are not aware, there is a movie soon to be made about Coach DeMatteo, "DeMatteo: Lessons Beyond the Field" that chronicles his life and coaching career. If you want to check out a joke of a website, go to http://www.coachdematteo.com/. The cast has not been released yet so here is what i think would be the perfect cast:

Coach Ayman: John Leguizamo

Coach Dominick Narcisco: Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez

Coach Mike: Barney (from the Simpsons)

Coach Juan (fat black guy): Keenan Thompson

Coach Dick Popalardo "Pops": Sean Penn (I Am Sam)

Dom DeMatteo: Ray Liotta

Nat Middleton: Martin Luther King

Coach D's Henchmen: Joe Pesci and Al Pacino

Coack Krell: Dorian Gray

Willie Sisca: himself

Albert DeMatteo: Macauley Caulken

Anthony DeMatteo: Ashton Kutcher

Patti DeMatteo:Carmen Electra

Ms. Curcio: Lindsay Lohan (not that hot anyway)

Jimmy Kennedy: The Bear on Arthur Avenue

Tony DeMatteo: Mike Jones (who is mike jones?...the answer lies within the eyes of the beholder)

Of course, the movie will be directed by Francis Ford Coppola. You probably haven't heard of half of these people so you might think that this article is a waste. But if you do know who they are feel free to comment on any suggestions tha tyou feel would improve upon my list.

When the movie does come out, I encourage all non football players to not watch it because chances are you will make fun of us for a long time. If you do play football go see the movie because there is a clip of me running the ball (yeah, I'm that good).


"The Shocker" said...

nat middleton=wesley snipes

Sri Sri Rum n' Curry said...

espn 'the ocho' should make a show 'growin up dematteo'

The Hebrew Hammer said...

A sequel is in the works - "The Longest Yard" documentary. Starring inmate Ayman Marji.

Fina Fina Bunt Bunt said...

nate middleton = charlie murphy