May 19, 2005

Wait (The Whisper Song)

Those clowns that Lil Jon runs around with (no, not the Eastide BoyZZZ, the other clowns) have a name. It's the Ying Yang Twins, and apparently they have decided to try to make some music. They have released a track, "Wait (The Whisper Song)", with hopes of it becoming the "bangin' hit of the summer". I had the pleasure of listening to the track AND viewing it's Making The Video on MTV2 recently. Now, I know that aside from a few select artists (A Tribe Called Quest, Wu Tang, etc.) rap is quite mindless. But, with this track, I believe we have hit a new low.

If the apocalypse had to be put to music, I believe this would be the song. I mean this in a bad way. As a music lover, I nearly cried when I heard this song. The first thing that hits a listener is the beat. It is reminiscent of a third grader toying with a broken bass synthesizer, starting high, then dropping three notes, then playing the same notes, this time with each note getting higher. This is hard to put into words, so I may not have gotten the true horridness of the song across. The beat consists of four, maybe five notes and a shitty electronic drum beat. It is slow and horribly monotonous.

Then the lyrics kick in. This is where the "whisper" part of the whisper song takes place. All of the lyrics are, you guessed it, whispered, in a voice that I think is supposed to be seductive. The first rhyme group goes as follows:
Hey how you doin lil mama? lemme whisper in your ear Tell you sunthing that you might like to hear You got a sexy ass body and your ass look soft Mind if i touch it? and see if its soft?
Well, do you mind? My god, who the hell writes those? Either Ying or Yang just rhymed soft with soft. This song is embarassing to listen to. If I were driving, playing this song, stopped at a stoplight, and someone heard it they would probably deem me a pedophile and call the authorities. That man in the green mini van, who asked a young girl if she wanted a ride earlier this year, listens to this song religiously. It is a song to rape your best friends mother to. Let me hit you with some more lyrical genius.
You like to fuck, have yo legs open all in da butt Do it up slappin ass cuz the sex gets rough Switch the positions and ready to get down to business So you can see what you've been missin' You might had some but you never had none like this Just wait til you see my dick.
Ay bitch! wait til you see my dick Wait til you see my dick Ay bitch! wait til you see my dick Imma beat dat pussy up Ay bitch! wait til you see my dick Wait you see my dick Ay bitch! wait til you see my dick Imma beat dat pussy up.
Yes, he just threatened(?) to beat your pussy up. I'm not one to complain about stuff being offensive, especially in music, but seriously this is horribly degrading. I actually find these lyrics disgusting.
The song ends in:
Beat da pussy up, Beat da pussy up, Beat da pussy up, Beat da pussy up, Beat da pussy up, Beat da pussy up, Beat da pussy Up, Beat da pussy up.
Why aren't these two rapists arrested? I'm pretty sure that beating up female genitalia is illegal. I doubt that it is consensual to beat a pussy up. Fuck you Ying Yang Twins. It's dumbasses like you who allow censorship laws to be passed, not to mention your stealing or airtime meant for Tyler Hilton, Ashlee Simpson, and Ashanti.
To conclude, this is the worst song to grace the radio since Switchfoot's "Meant to Live". I fucking hate you, Ying Yang Twins.

I'll leave you with some true love, Ying Yang style -
Yea something like that, but it depends on the swing of the baseball bat Fuck a bitch on da counter make the Place fall mats On the floor she aint screamin she a nut so they crack Crack...crack Fuck that bend over imma give you the dick .


The Hebrew Hammer said...

Between this shit and Chevy Chase movies, I have to wonder whose ass the entertainment business's head is up.

"The Shocker" said...

Burt Reynolds.... it's up Burt Reynolds ass, I am certain.