May 24, 2005

A List of Things to Imagine Mrs. White Doing

Guys when reading this, just close your eyes empty your thoughts and spend a good fifteen seconds creating a mental image of the given scenario.

  • Mrs. White snorting coke.
  • Mrs. White taking a shit
  • Mrs. White with her face painted at an Oakland Raiders game.
  • Mrs. White fighting
  • Mrs. White rapping with the Wu-Tang Clan
  • Mrs. White wearing a Chewbacca costume, with the noises
  • Mrs. White in Wheel of Fortune
  • Mrs. White street racing
  • Mrs. White doing the macareina
  • Mrs. White taking the place of Gene Simmons of KISS, in full attire
  • Mrs. White trying to fly
  • Mrs. White a stripper at the Teaser's gentleman club of Mahopac
  • Mrs. White doing the robot
  • Mrs. White starring in a movie with Vin Diesel.
  • Mrs. White competing in the Great Outdoors Competition of ESPN-2.


The Token Female said...

Look, it's all the same....completly emotionless, like a plank of wood

The Hebrew Hammer said...

You got the wrong Simmons. Fuck Gene. Imagine her in Richard Simmons' position. Leading fat people in pointless exercise, screaming encouraging comments, with her hair in an afro.

Fina Fina Bunt Bunt said...

try to imagine any female taking a shit, its impossible, like laura you think she shits? because i dont, pretty girls dont shit, the food just goes away, they cant shit its impossible...i cant even see marvia oats shitting, i cant see any femal shitting at all good looking of ugly, girls dont shit.

Pap Smear said...

are we talking about the bitch miss white the lunch/recess aid or the teacher? i hope its the lunch aid cause she sucks

Tha RZA said...

mrs white, trippin on e. thats funny.