May 18, 2005

A List of Good Fights

Fights are the epitome of the inherent animalistic tendency of humans. Certain fights are historic, and some are just funny. Below is a list of hypothetical fights that match both criteria.
  • Creetch versus Alex Simmons
  • Resource teacher who looks like he has a stick up his ass versus Mrs. White
  • Mr. Bernecker versus Mr. Boire
  • Dennis Rodman versus Elton John
  • Elana versus Ursula
  • A Man on Viagra versus a Man on Cialis
  • Backman versus Alaimo
  • Watson versus Crick
  • Jim Wynne versus Jim Leonard
  • Russ Dogg versus Big Brother
  • A carrot versus a cucumber
  • Mike Choi versus Mike Choi
  • Mr. T versus Chris Doster
  • Alex Hamilton (the new one) versus Aaron Burr (the dead one)
  • Homeless person versus Frank Siano
  • Difabbio versus Malone
  • Ethan Kamer versus any black person
  • The Temtations versus G-Unit

This list may be updated in the future, till then..


The Hebrew Hammer said...

Jung-Hoon Choi is quite Asian.

Fina Fina Bunt Bunt said...

how do i get an image like smilo i have a sick one lined up

Pap Smear said...

bernacker would get raped by dames, who is equal to 10 men.

The Token Female said...

Six flags, Mr. Boire appears in the distance and stares at us in his giant sunglasses and hat and einstein shirt, then just, disappeared. He's more than equal to ten men, he's super human. And screamed out "HEY GUYS I'M HERE FOR THE GIANT ORGY!" in my class

The Hebrew Hammer said...

one more to add: little coops against each other
predicted outcome: they would run into each other at full speed, combine an form one normally proportioned, normally functioning human being

fatmike79 said...

what about the people vs. larry flint or brown vs. the board of education