May 31, 2005

Dame mas gasolina...

All right, I know Nick gave you all plenty of food for thought. But I’m gonna go out on a limb and ask if anyone else is STILL FUCKING HUNGRY???

If you’ve ever used the expression "found myself", "found yourself" or "found his/ herself" stop reading here. You are worthless. You are dirt. I won’t go as far as wishing death upon you but I only hope in time you have sense enough to wish it upon yourself.

You think a circle jerk has ever, even once, occurred? I mean its not something straight men and women get together to do so why should gaylords be any different?

Since when did using the word "cunt" become such a fucking taboo? It’s not like all the cunts just disappeared. As a matter of fact, I can name a few… [In light of recent school suspensions this information has been widtheld, please check later]. I like the word and I refuse to give up my right to use it.

What angle does Mike’s nose form above the horizontal?

Student Council is bullshit. All they talk about is problems within their bullshit council of students. Would anyone support my running for SHS Dictator?

Hey Ethan... you never got hit on by Dan, so stop dreaming.

I have come to the conclusion that roughly 56% of the male faculty members employed at SHS have a last name beginning with either an M or a D. Is there any way that this could possibly be a coincidence???

Some people grow hair oh the instep of their feet. Why were they not targeted in The Holocaust?

Noonan is a cartoon genius.

If Troll and Bernecker procreated, what skin disease would their children not inevitably develop?

Papalia once asked if ‘P Diddy’ killed anyone on Election Day. Can someone please look into that?

Stanz once managed to get the line "Fagot-ass Mother-fucker" out about 6 times in a minute. That was AWESOME!

Dave Schutt and Lucas Brode seem to arrive at EVERY party about two hours after everyone else. If they smoke as soon as they arrive, what the FUCK were they doing for those two hours???

Right then, that’s all… Hey Smilo, just out of curiosity, what did your dad wipe his ass with after each of his nervous defic-asians?


The Hebrew Hammer said...

My father did not wipe his ass. He simply pulled up his pants and continued on down the mountain, which must have caused great discomfort.

It'sBonkaz said...

i have nothing against the post, think it's fantastic. But, must all the harsh language be introduced to bonsai.
-your pal,

The Token Female said...

Mr Malone talks about "finding oneself" and he's definatly not worthless. He's the man! He kicked a goose in the face! And knows the meaning of life

bartek ur mine said...

um shut the fuck up about mikes nose before i knock you out shithead

Sri Sri Rum n' Curry said...

bartek ur mine.....who the fuck are you?

the truth said...

circle jerks are rare, but they do occur. far more common is the reacharound, which i've all but perfected on kamer when i'm sliding my cock in and out of his sweaty, hairy butthole.

Curious about Japanese Face-Rape said...

is it still a circle jerk if there's a girl in the middle? cause that's not too rare. bukakke wendy?